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Your Biological Clock

As women, and even some men get older, they hear their biological clock ticking. They realize that they are getting older, and it is time to settle down, get married, and start a family. While there is nothing wrong with having these thoughts, you do not want to talk about it on your first date. This type of talk can easily scare your date off. This conversation is best to have after a few months of dating.

Your Favorite Sexual Position

This is a good conversation to have when you feel close to someone, and you have already been intimate. It definitely is not first date conversation. If you start having this conversation on a first date, it could give your date the wrong idea. Your date may think that you are just looking for sex, and not a relationship. This can scare them off, and you can be sure you will not get a second date invitation. This conversation can backfire if your date takes what you are saying as an invitation for sex when the date is over. This can make things very awkward at the end of the date, when you must tell your date that sex is not on the agenda for the evening. When it comes to any talk about sex, you are better off waiting to have the conversation until you are actually ready to have sex.

Dating can be tricky. Knowing what you should and shouldn't talk about on a first date can make you more comfortable, and can help you to get a second date.
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